The Kindness Mouse™

  • Activity set includes: storybook, plush mouse,

    backpack and 24 activity cards

Product Overview

Activity Set

The Kindness Mouse™ Activity kit includes:

  • Storybook "When a Mouse is at Your Door"
  • Plush Mouse Character (Approx 12" tall)
  • Mouse Sized Backpack
  • 24 Activity Cards (Activity, Engagement, Affirmation)

Explore playful adventures as a storybook mouse visits as frequent as you wish with kindness prompts for kids.


The adventure begins with the story of a Mouse who is on a journey, much like us all, seeking its place, longing for connection, and, ultimately, seeking kindness – something we all long for. The experience extends beyond the story and into the home as Mouse travels and leads a series of adventures through thoughtful prompts centered around kindness and compassion. Mouse is 12" in length and has posable arms, legs, and even a posable tail!  


We are currently shipping to Canada and the US with the following options:


Standard - $12

Expedited - $22


Free local pickup is available for Windsor-Essex County. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How many activity cards are included?

There are a combined total of 24 cards encompassing engagement, activity, and affirmation categories. Use as few or as many of these as you'd like - you decide the duration and frequency of how often the cards are delivered. Here are some examples:

  • The adventure could take place each day for 7-10 days
  • The adventure could take place once a week (what a way to start the week!)
  • The adventure could take place once a month
  • Or, you decide! 

What age is The Kindness Mouse™ designed for?

The Kindness Mouse™ is designed for ages 3+

Can multiple children play with this toy at the same time?

Absolutely! The activity cards are suitable for multiple children. 

How long is the adventure?

It's completely up to you! 24 activity cards are provided, you decide the duration and frequency of how often the cards are delivered. 

What happens when the adventure is done?

We encourage children and families to decide how they would like to utilize The Kindness Mouse™ after the original adventure is completed, here are some ideas:

  • Continue acts of kindness towards friends, family, and Mouse, of course!
  • Explore more adventures (Coming soon!)
  • Share Mouse with another family to adopt